Vault 13‘s water purification processing chip has failed, putting the occupants at risk. The overseer has assigned the player’s characters to venture forth to find a new one at a nearby vault – Vault 15.

Characters are friends selected to venture forth by the overseer.
Joe Lewis – Fighter (Generalist) – Shotgun
Daniel Boone – Scout (Sniper/Outdoorsman) – Hunting Rifle
Nicola Tesla – Scientist (Doctor/Gizmo) – Laser Pistol
Elizabeth Parker – Thief (B&E guy) – 10mm Pistols
Charles Ponzi – Face Man (Smooth talker/Gambler/Merchant) – 10mm Pistol
Mochizuki Chiyome – Ninja (Stealth/Melee) – Throwing Knives

All of you were born approximatly 20 years ago in Vault 13. The great war rent the earth 85 years ago but the vault designed to keep 1000 people healthy for 100 years is going strong. No one has left the vault since that faithful day in october 2077. Now december 2162, life goes on apace.

Our story opens in the cafeteria on the 2nd level of Vault 13. A group of friends quietly celebrating one of their own’s 20th birthday. Officer Morgan of vault security appraches the group. “The overseer would like to see all of you in command and control”.

A Post Nuclear Adventure