A Post Nuclear Adventure

Session 1

A group of 20 year old friends born and raised in Vault 13. (150 pt characters)

Joe Lewis: Fighter (Generalist)
Daniel Boone: Scout (Sniper/Outdoorsman)
Nicola Tesla: Scientist (Doctor/Gizmo)
Elizabeth Parker: Thief (B&E guy)
Charles Ponzi: Face Man (Smooth talker/Gambler/Merchant)
Mochizuki Chiyome: Ninja (Stealth/Melee)

All of the characters were born approximately 20 years ago in Vault 13. The great war rent the earth 85 years ago but the vault designed to keep 1000 people healthy for 100 years is going strong. No one has left the vault since that faithful day in October 2077. Now December 5, 2162, life goes on apace.

Our story opens in the cafeteria on the 2nd level of vault 13. A group of friends quietly celebrating one of their owns 20th birthday. Officer Morgan of vault security approaches the group and says “The overseer would like to see all of you in command and control".

The group responds with trepidation as they have never been sent to see the Overseer and it cannot end well. They question Officer Morgan, but the Vault Security Chief only knows he was sent to fetch the group. Without much more hassle the party follows the Officer into the depths of the Vault.

When they arrive the Overseer addresses the group:

The group responds by asking if they can take the defective water chip for comparison and the Overseer agrees that is a good idea. Officer Morgan leads the party to the Quartermaster for the obligatory equipping scene. Once they strap on their gear, Charles convinces the Security Chief that the group needs his pistol and extra ammunition to survive. Given Charles’ amazingly persuasive personality, Officer Morgan relents and surrenders his weapon. (Daniel takes possession of the spare pistol).

The group continues by obtaining a doctor’s bag and mechanic’s tool kit from the Quartermaster. Once they feel there is nothing left worth taking from the vault, the Security chief gives them the door code and opens the vault door. Amid flashing lights and wailing siren, the party passes into the cold dark depths of …outside.

Every member turns up the brightness of their PIPBoy display to maximum brightness and they creep into the darkness. The first thing they encounter, right outside the door in front of the door console is what seems to be what is left of a human skeleton, clothes and flesh long torn away with only gnawed bones, a knife, and three pistol magazines remaining. The party secured the items and continued into the darkness.

Not three steps into the caves the party was attacked by rats the size of small dogs. Blasting into the darkness, the party fought off the viscous rodents including one the size of a large german shepherd. As the party progressed thru the caves they repulsed two more similar attacks, with only Charles taking a wound.

As they rounded the last corner, they were greeted by a bright light of unusual quality, natural sunlight. They crept to the exit of the caves, passing a skeleton of a strange two headed goat or sheep. Tasting fresh, cold air for the first time in their lives, Nicola dressed Charles’ wound as the rest of the party took in the majestic view from near the summit of Mt. Whitney.

The session closed as the party prepared for the long descent to the world below. Onward to Vault 15!



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