A Post Nuclear Adventure

Session 2

As the day wore on, the reluctant band struggled down the mountain. Muscles born and trained in the cramped confines of the vault struggle with the cold and exertion as the heroes made their way down the ancient track. As darkness crept over the land the group stopped for the night. The vault dwellers, unaccustomed to the natural world, struggled with how to prepare for the coming darkness. The scout, Daniel, stepped forward to offer his knowledge of rough living, gained by long study in the vault’s library.

With a little work, Daniel lit a fire, instructed the other on how to forage for food and fuel, and field dressed one of the rats they killed in the caves. Thus fed and warming up, the group bedded down for a cold, uncomfortable night. In the morning the prior day’s exertion, rough conditions and lingering hunger expressed itself in unexpected soreness. The thief, liar and scientist were all feeling the effects, while the fighter, scout and assassin’s training allowed them to bear up under the strain.

After eating a cold breakfast of roasted rat, the group set out. After several hours of travel the group discovered a deep pit covered in vines. The scientist, Nickola volunteered to be lowered into the shaft. With his PIPBoy 2000 screen tuned to full intensity and his trusty laser pistol in hand, Nick descended into the darkness. As he progressed, he discovered the walls were of worked stone with the rusted over remnants of hatches and illegible signage.

As he neared the bottom, the sound of the echoes took on an unfamiliar quality. Nick began by firing a shot with his pistol into the darkness below. A sizzling ricochet later taught him not to do that again. Unable to determine what he was hearing, Nick reached his arm down to get his light source closer to the bottom. Other than upending himself, he accomplished little other than discovering a refractive and reflective quality to the surface. Frustrated in his exploration, Nick signaled his party to pull him back up. Thus restored to daylight, Nick rejoined his party and they continued their trek.

As the group stopped for the night, they paused to consider their projected destination and their stock of supplies. They decided to spend the next day foraging in the local wilds. Using the best of the groups skills, they managed to find not only two full days of sustenance for everyone, but Nick stumbled across the ancients remains of a camp. Using his pistol as a flare gun, he was joined by the liar, Charles. Aided by Chuck, Nick searched the camp, discovering a well preserved helmet and a number of miscellaneous parts. Finding nothing else of value, the two returned to their camp.

After another uneventful night the group set off once more. Throughout the day the terrain became increasingly dry and forbidding. Slightly after midday the group spotted something jutting out of the landscape in the distance. Upon closer inspection the something proved to be the corpse of a human man, impaled on a ten (10) foot spike. Disturbed the group continued their journey.

After stopping for the night, the group again decided that they need to spend the next day foraging for food. After another uncomfortable night the group set out to find food in the harsh terrain. Whilst searching for food, Nick discovered a sperm whale and broken flower pot in the middle of the desert. Once again, Nick used his laser pistol to summon his party. The group took all the meat they could carry and left the highly improbable site to return to their camp to preserve the food for transport.

After another rough night the party set off again. After a couple of hours of travel the group was ambushed by a pair of 2 foot long scorpions, which they quickly dispatched…

(To Be Continued)



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