A Post Nuclear Adventure

Session 5

The team set off from Vault 15 as the sun reached the apex of its flight. After three short hours of travel, the group spied a pair of ruined buildings in the distance surrounded by the remains of a fence. Upon exploration, Beth found a collection of small bits and pieces for electronic and mechanical devices. Chuck discovered a small electronic device which he promptly turned over to Nick for analysis. Nick promptly entered a world composed of only his PIPBoy 2000 and the new device, oblivious to anything else.

Dan began to look for a water source, but determined that there was none to be found. Chuck, seeing Daniel searching without result, prompted Beth to take a look around. Beth discovered the remains of a tractor, some old cars and what seems to be what is left of a water pump. She passed this information onto Chuck, who began to pester Nick to help them fix the pump. Despite Chuck’s not inconsiderable charms, Nick remained focused on his task. Defeated, Chuck and the rest began to forage for food.

After just about an hour of tinkering, Nick managed to wire the new device into his PIPBoy 2000, and shortly dulcet tunes began emanating from his wrist computer. Thus satisfied, Nick, with Beth’s help, fixed the water pump, and after Nick tested the water, all filled their flasks and cleaned themselves of road dust and gore. Refreshed, the team settled down for the night.

With the coming of the new day, the team set out for the adobe village they bypassed on their way to Vault 15. They carefully approached the walled settlement, Beth and Chi leading while Dan circled around to the south. Beth peeked around the south eastern corner of the wall to spy the gate. She observed two people, one in homespun and carrying a rifle, the other a pretty girl. From Dan’s vantage he could see the gate, and its guardians.

Beth, deciding it was time to gather the group snuck back to Charles, Nick, and Joe. Only then remembering that Dan had snuck off somewhere by himself. Luckily, Dan noticed Beth looking for him and he returned to the group. Thus rejoined the team decided to try the peaceful approach. Chuck and Nick led the way, with Joe bringing up the rear, Beth, Chi and Dan in support. As they approached the gate, the pretty blond woman greeted the group. Chuck responded in kind and they began to talk.

The girl, Katrina, revealed that her role was to greet new comers to Shady Sands, the village. She explained that Shady Sands was a simple farming community which produced beef and muti-fruit, a succulent which grows well with little water and has a sweet taste. Upon further prodding Chuck got her to reveal her origin as a vault dweller from Vault 15. She told them that approximately twenty years ago, Vault 15 had been invaded and all the adult inhabitants killed. Some of the children had been taken away; she had been rescued from a grim fate by Seth, her taciturn companion.

The party for its part revealed that they had acquired Nick’s grim garb by defeating a band of raiders. This prompted Seth to take the group to the village’s leader, Aradesh. Before being led to the village elder, the team recovered its hidden members. Seth led them thru the humble village to Aradesh’s house. Aradesh proved to be a man on the edge. As the team entered the adobe building behind Seth, they saw a man in simple robes sitting at a table with his head in his hands. Every ounce of his being seemed poured into a font of worries and anguish. A glimmer of hope entered his eyes as he took in the party.

Addressing Seth, Aradesh asked for an explanation. Seth told Aradesh that the party might be able to help. Aradesh begged the party to recover his recently kidnapped teenaged daughter from the
Raiders who preyed on the village. In return, Aradesh would introduce the party to merchants who could deliver water to the failing vault. Aradesh summoned Ian, who would join the party. Ian was a wounded caravan guard, who was dropped off by his caravan to recover at Shady Sands.

After providing a spear, ammunition and the promise of leather armor when the group returned, Aradesh fed the group and wished them well as they set off on another mission of mercy. Still being early in the day, the group decided to use the time to good effect and set off to the south. After several hours of travel, the group stumbled on a strange sight. Off in the distance they spied a sign on a large pole, the letters missing or faded with age. Around the sign were a building and the remains of what appeared to be many automobiles. As the group approached a man greeted them warmly, intent on selling them his fine automobiles.

Chuck took the opportunity to distract “Ed” as the rest of the party looted the facility. Beth and Nick found a pair of BB guns, but other than those and some faded papers and old trophies, they came up empty. Chi was so moved by pity for the old man that she moved in to end his “suffering” with little more than a harsh look, Chuck dissuaded her from the final course of action. Thus satisfied, the party collected it various members and moved out. They traveled for another twenty minutes, finding an acceptable place to bed down for the night. During second shift, Chi snuck out, intent to finish what she had intended earlier. When she arrived, carefully creeping up with all the skill years of practice bestowed upon her, Ed flung open the door and greeted her warmly, offering her some of his canned “mystery meat” dinner.

Chi declined the offer, and so put off by his flagrant disrespect for his stealth skills, Chi returned to camp unnoticed. The next morning the party set off to confront the raiders. Shortly after starting Beth spied their camp on the horizon. Composed of tents and one permanent structure, it hardly posed a threat, but inside lurked men and women driven to inhuman acts…



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