A Post Nuclear Adventure

Session 5

The team set off from Vault 15 as the sun reached the apex of its flight. After three short hours of travel, the group spied a pair of ruined buildings in the distance surrounded by the remains of a fence. Upon exploration, Beth found a collection of small bits and pieces for electronic and mechanical devices. Chuck discovered a small electronic device which he promptly turned over to Nick for analysis. Nick promptly entered a world composed of only his PIPBoy 2000 and the new device, oblivious to anything else.

Dan began to look for a water source, but determined that there was none to be found. Chuck, seeing Daniel searching without result, prompted Beth to take a look around. Beth discovered the remains of a tractor, some old cars and what seems to be what is left of a water pump. She passed this information onto Chuck, who began to pester Nick to help them fix the pump. Despite Chuck’s not inconsiderable charms, Nick remained focused on his task. Defeated, Chuck and the rest began to forage for food.

After just about an hour of tinkering, Nick managed to wire the new device into his PIPBoy 2000, and shortly dulcet tunes began emanating from his wrist computer. Thus satisfied, Nick, with Beth’s help, fixed the water pump, and after Nick tested the water, all filled their flasks and cleaned themselves of road dust and gore. Refreshed, the team settled down for the night.

With the coming of the new day, the team set out for the adobe village they bypassed on their way to Vault 15. They carefully approached the walled settlement, Beth and Chi leading while Dan circled around to the south. Beth peeked around the south eastern corner of the wall to spy the gate. She observed two people, one in homespun and carrying a rifle, the other a pretty girl. From Dan’s vantage he could see the gate, and its guardians.

Beth, deciding it was time to gather the group snuck back to Charles, Nick, and Joe. Only then remembering that Dan had snuck off somewhere by himself. Luckily, Dan noticed Beth looking for him and he returned to the group. Thus rejoined the team decided to try the peaceful approach. Chuck and Nick led the way, with Joe bringing up the rear, Beth, Chi and Dan in support. As they approached the gate, the pretty blond woman greeted the group. Chuck responded in kind and they began to talk.

The girl, Katrina, revealed that her role was to greet new comers to Shady Sands, the village. She explained that Shady Sands was a simple farming community which produced beef and muti-fruit, a succulent which grows well with little water and has a sweet taste. Upon further prodding Chuck got her to reveal her origin as a vault dweller from Vault 15. She told them that approximately twenty years ago, Vault 15 had been invaded and all the adult inhabitants killed. Some of the children had been taken away; she had been rescued from a grim fate by Seth, her taciturn companion.

The party for its part revealed that they had acquired Nick’s grim garb by defeating a band of raiders. This prompted Seth to take the group to the village’s leader, Aradesh. Before being led to the village elder, the team recovered its hidden members. Seth led them thru the humble village to Aradesh’s house. Aradesh proved to be a man on the edge. As the team entered the adobe building behind Seth, they saw a man in simple robes sitting at a table with his head in his hands. Every ounce of his being seemed poured into a font of worries and anguish. A glimmer of hope entered his eyes as he took in the party.

Addressing Seth, Aradesh asked for an explanation. Seth told Aradesh that the party might be able to help. Aradesh begged the party to recover his recently kidnapped teenaged daughter from the
Raiders who preyed on the village. In return, Aradesh would introduce the party to merchants who could deliver water to the failing vault. Aradesh summoned Ian, who would join the party. Ian was a wounded caravan guard, who was dropped off by his caravan to recover at Shady Sands.

After providing a spear, ammunition and the promise of leather armor when the group returned, Aradesh fed the group and wished them well as they set off on another mission of mercy. Still being early in the day, the group decided to use the time to good effect and set off to the south. After several hours of travel, the group stumbled on a strange sight. Off in the distance they spied a sign on a large pole, the letters missing or faded with age. Around the sign were a building and the remains of what appeared to be many automobiles. As the group approached a man greeted them warmly, intent on selling them his fine automobiles.

Chuck took the opportunity to distract “Ed” as the rest of the party looted the facility. Beth and Nick found a pair of BB guns, but other than those and some faded papers and old trophies, they came up empty. Chi was so moved by pity for the old man that she moved in to end his “suffering” with little more than a harsh look, Chuck dissuaded her from the final course of action. Thus satisfied, the party collected it various members and moved out. They traveled for another twenty minutes, finding an acceptable place to bed down for the night. During second shift, Chi snuck out, intent to finish what she had intended earlier. When she arrived, carefully creeping up with all the skill years of practice bestowed upon her, Ed flung open the door and greeted her warmly, offering her some of his canned “mystery meat” dinner.

Chi declined the offer, and so put off by his flagrant disrespect for his stealth skills, Chi returned to camp unnoticed. The next morning the party set off to confront the raiders. Shortly after starting Beth spied their camp on the horizon. Composed of tents and one permanent structure, it hardly posed a threat, but inside lurked men and women driven to inhuman acts…

Session 4

Still contemplating the depths of the Vault 15 elevator shaft, the brave band of adventurers considered their options. In an effort to determine the depth of the descent, Nick, attempted to strike a flare to life, but much to his confusion, the incendiary failed to ignite. Thus distracted with a puzzle, Nick delved deeply into the world of chemistry, trying to determine the cause of the flare’s failure. Meanwhile, Dan, in a fit of irritation with the scientist, snatched another flare from Nick’s satchel, ignited it, and dropped it down the empty pit.

He and the others observed its fall, and slow, almost sinking at the bottom. Daniel estimated the depth to be several hundred feet, while Chuck came up with a figure closer to one hundred feet. With little more debate, the team lowered Chi into the pit. As she descended she observed that the 2nd and 4th floor doors were closed and the third caved in. She had her team continue to lower her, observing that the floor had a strange reflective quality, similar to water. Despite her considerable grace and dexterity, she could not avoid being dunked into the frigid water. While dangling in the water, she noticed the flare burning below. At Chi’s insistent demands, the group struggled to raise her back to the 1st floor door.

Increasingly frustrated with Nick’s distraction over the flare and his complete lack of help with the task of playing winch for the ninja, Chuck kicked the partially dissembled flare into the elevator shaft. Thus getting Nick’s attention Chuck directed Nick to help with the hauling. Back on the landing, Chi related what she had seen at the bottom of the shaft. Nick took the opportunity to examine some of the water Chi poured out of her boots. He discovered that it was not only contaminated with heavy metals, but radioactive to boot. Nick shared this information with his fellows. Thus informed the group determined to send Joe down to open the door. Divesting himself of aught but his shotgun (slung) and one of the salvaged spears, Joe was lowered by the group to the 4th floor door.

Once at the portal, Joe used his spear as a lever to pry the doors open. With a mighty effort he pried them apart, far enough to gain entry. While dangling at the end of his rope, PIPBoy light spilling into the corridor beyond, Joe noticed a shape in the darkness to the left down the hall. Without a moment’s hesitation, he hurled his spear at the shape. Lacking any training or skill with a spear, throwing it at a distant target, in the dark, dangling from a rope, it would have taken a miracle for him to hit his target, nonetheless, he did make a huge clatter, unbeknownst to him, attracting the foul denizen of the vault.

Thus disarmed, Joe called to be brought back to the surface. After more tiring pulling of rope, the party raised Joe back up and after brief consultation decided Chi was the best candidate to explore the depths. Once again descending into the darkness, Chi prepared for battle, a knife in either hand. She signaled the stop when she reached the door. Steading herself, Chi gracefully swung into the hallway, landing lightly on her feet and adopting a fighting stance after severing the rope. After retrieving the rope, her comrades began securing Nick to follow her down.

It was then that Chi heard the scraping of claws on stone. Slowly creeping forward, its nose twitching in the air as its beady eyes searching for the source of the hateful light, another bear sized amalgam of mole and rat approached Chi. Shouting a warning at her comrades, Chi threw both knives into the beast, eliciting a bellow of pain and rage which ended in a gurgle as the creature died. Barely catching her breath, Chi discovered a veritable horde of pig/rat hybrids the size of large dogs. Steeling herself for battle, Chi drew and threw two shuriken, scoring solid hits on her onrushing foes.

Two more beasts fell before Chi’s flashing blades, but she suffered a hit of her own as the cruel jaws of a creature fastened themselves on her right arm. Shrugging off the wound, Chi fought on, despite the blood, but still issuing a cry of pain. The cry spurred Beth into action. Grasping the rope, Beth attempted to slide down the length. Unfortunately, in the darkness she misjudged her rate of descent and turned her controlled shimmy into a dive, eighty feet down the well.

Chi continued to fight on and Beth to fall as the rest of the part looked on in stunned silence. Two more pigrats fell to Chi as Beth executed a perfect dive and roll into the hallway, at too great a speed for her fragile human body. Despite her grace, she ended bleeding in a heap on the floor.

Fighting on, Chi downed two more creatures, taking a minor wound to her left arm. The men up top were not idle, knowing Beth’s life depended on timely medical care, they quickly lashed the rope about Nick and began hastily lowering him down. Chi killed the last of the pigrats with a flourish and rushed to render aid to Beth. With the help of a Stimpacktm, Chi stopped the worst of the damage from claiming Beth’s life. Shortly she was joined by Nick, who, though injured by the rapid descent, focused his attention on Beth. Using all the skill at his disposal, he tended her hurts and administered another Stimpacktm for good measure.

The second Stimpacktm did the trick Beth awoke with newfound vigor as her freshly restored body hummed with life. Daniel and Chuck lowered Joe to provide support for the detachment. Thus reinforced the four: Chi, Beth, Nick and Joe, explored the level. They discovered a box of .44 Magnum ammunition in what was once the vault security office, now a caved in wreck. They found a crowbar and a locked locker in the arms room, and after some gentle handling by Beth, they looted 2 grenades, a bundle of dynamite, a 10mm Submachine gun and two partial boxes of ammunition.

As they turned the corner to search the overseer’s office, they discovered the tunnel had collapsed, shattering their hopes of a quick rescue for their vault. Despondent, they searched the rest of the level for useful items, coming up with a first aid book in the library and two boxes of .44 Magnum ammunition in the computer learning center.

The search party returned to the elevator shaft and one by one were hauled back to the top level. They decided to explore the second level. They lowered Joe with another spear. Joe repeated his performance of earlier, by prying the doors open with ease. He was greeted by a sea of blood red eyes staring out form the darkness. Panicking, Joe yelled to be pulled back up. Once Joe returned to the surface, the party fell into bickering about how to deal with the horde of nastiness on the floor below. Stopping short of armed violence against each other, they settled on Chi tossing one of the grenades into the midst of the threat.

Thus lowered once again, Chi gingerly lobbed a grenade into the pack of hungry vermin. Three seconds later, the smear of formerly hungry vermin were a threat no longer. Thus saved from more battle, the party descended onto the second level. Here they found the remains of living quarters, bathed in darkness and in-front of the elevator, rat viscera. The party searched carefully and discovered a carefully concealed hunting rifle and 1 and ½ boxes of ammunition. Beth found a well preserved leather jacket with a set of keys in the pocket. Beth, was convinced it had belonged to her long missing mother.

Satisfied they recovered everything of value from the vault, the party assembled once more on the 1st floor. On the way out, Dan noticed a previously undiscovered medical locker. After tender ministration from Beth, the locker gave up its prize of 5 Stimpackstm and a first aid kit.

(To be continued)

Session 3

(Session 3)
With growing confidence the small band continued their journey to save their vault. During their travels thru the increasingly dry and cracked terrain, they spotted two small mounds in the distance. Upon close inspection the mounds appeared to be recently turned dirt approximately six feet by three feet. Joe, sensing dead bodies beneath the dirt, began digging them up with an overwhelming need to silence the voices in his head. Disgusted the thief and ninja stalked away while the scout, liar and scientist waited for Joe to finish his task. After half an hour of digging with his hands, Joe realized the futility of his efforts and abandoned the effort. This done with their distraction, the group continued on.

Shortly into the next day the group spotted a pair of figures on the horizon. From their distance of approximately three hundred yards, the pair appeared to be humans leaning on something. Daniel, the scout, took up a prone position and sighted down his rifle. Bonnie and Chi, the thief and the ninja, stealthy each took a flanking position on the pair, while the rest approached cautiously from the front. As the small group approached within 10 yards of the pair, they noticed one of the two strangers was dressed in rough leather armor and holding a crossbow the other in homespun and leaning on a crude spear.

The liar called out for the strangers to identify themselves, this act evoking a laugh from the crossbow armed man. The armored man instructed “Put down your weapons and we will not kill you”. The liar, Chuck, responded by reminding the crossbow armed man that the pair were outnumbered by the trio. This spawned an even bigger laugh as the man yelled “Men, show your selves”. Upon this utterance, a ring of ruffians encircled the trio of adventurers.

Seeing the peril of his fellows, Daniel, already sighted in on the leader, gently exhaled and squeezed his trigger. The leader’s head exploded in a fountain of blood and bone as the bullet passed thru the bandit’s face and out the back of his head. The Ninja, taking this as her cue, moved forward to engage one of the bandits from behind. Joe blasted the bandit with the leader with his shotgun. The thief opened fire with both her pistols, punching two neat holes in another bandit and causing him to pitch face first to the sand.

From his concealed position three football fields away, Daniel took aim at another bandit. Chuck began to extol the bandits to surrender and prevent further fatality. Nick, vigilantly took notes on the events. Having moved into position, the ninja, thrust her knives thru the back of her selected target, venting both his lungs to the hot dry air of the desert. Joe turned and opened fire twice on another bandit, killing him in a hail of buckshot. The thief, wanting a prisoner, shot another bandit in the leg, dropping him, alive to the sand.

Daniel, confident in his shot, diabled another bandit with a solid hit to the leg. At this point the carnage was too much for the bandits who broke and ran for the four winds. Chuck, continued to convince them to surrender and Nick drew his pistol. The Ninja killed one of the fleeing bandits with a pair of thrown knives, and the thief shot another in the leg. Their spirit broken, the bandits collapsed to their knees, dropping their weapons and wailing in despair.

Out of immediate danger, Chuck stopped Chi from dispatching another bandit, by stressing the party’s need for information. This swayed the killer as she stepped back and considered her prey.

The party moved in to take up tasks: Joe collected weapons and equipment from the fallen and the prisoners; Beth guarded the prisoners; Nick tended to their wounded; Daniel stayed on watch from a distance; Chi selected a prisoner for interrogation; while Chuck directed their efforts.

The first prisoner Chi selected seemed resistant to Chuck’s charms and Chi’s threats. Chuck asked several questions about the band, surrounding area, and the vault, each question met with a lie. When Chuck indicated his frustration with her deceit, Chi promptly cut the bandit’s throat and moved down the line. After that grizzly display the new candidate volunteered information so fast it was difficult for the party to take it all in. As it turns out there is a nearby village that the band frequently raids for food and slaves. The band had numbered about thirty before this assault, their ultimate leader named Garl. There is a vault nearby which had been abandoned as long as any of the bandits have been alive.

After this font of information grew quiet it was left to the group to decide the fate of their charges. Charles summoned Daniel in from his watch and the group palavered regarding expediency versus morality. In the end Chuck offered the prisoners their lives in exchange for their solemn vow to cease their aggression against the party. With that the group sent them off with their wounded, clothes and naught else, to seek their home to the southwest.

Satisfied with the disposition of their former prisoners, the team divvied up the meager spoils, trying to figure out why all the bandits carried bottle caps. That task accomplished, the group resumed their travels. As day waned into night, far in the distance the group spotted a structure rising from the cracked earth. As the rest waited, Beth and Chi ghosted forward to investigate. The structure turned out to be a wall made of stone and clay, baked to rock in the desert sun. After exploring the south east perimeter of the wall, and discovering two guards at the gate, the Chi lifted Beth to peer over the wall. Beth was met with a view of a primitive farm complete with shack, crops, and two headed cows!

Disturbed and disconcerted, Beth dropped back to the ground and the two hurried back to their camp. Once there Beth shared her experience with the group. Chuck decided it was best to bypass the town till later. At that point the team bedded down for the night. The next morning the party took a track to the north circumventing the town. At the apex of the arc, the team spotted another structure to the north, but decided to press on and not investigate yet.

As day gave way to night the group stopped for the night, confident that a short amount of travel would see them to the promised vault.

With the dawning of a new day, the party set forth the short distance to where their PIPBoy 2000s indicated the vault should lay. Within an hour of travel the group found a metal shack upon the spot their devices indicated should be the vault. Cautiously, the thief crept inside the structure and discovered a hole in the ground with a metal ladder leading down. Gathering the group together, the Ninja led the way down into the darkness. Once at the bottom she discovered a worked stone cave, cool and dry. The rest of the group followed as Chi and Beth led the way into the darkness.

Suddenly, with only squeaks for warning, Chi drew and threw a knife into one of a horde of onrushing rats. In a flurry of blades and fire, the group quickly dispatched the vile vermin. The threat resolved, the group continued. Shortly into the cave, the group came to a panel and traditional vault door, the panel dark and the door open. Slowly the group crept into the darkness of the entry hall of the vault. Nick recovered some ancient flares from the locker just inside the vault door and connecter one to the bow stave taken from one of the bandits forming a crude torch.

Unfortunately the now sudden light from the torch woke something in the darkness as a shape the size of a small bear growled in fury. Chi imbedded a knife in the shape and Joe flayed it with his shotgun, but Beth’s bullets put the strange and giant amalgam of mole and rat to rest. The team then explored the abandoned emergency medical center and caved in remains of the bulk store house before examining the elevator. The discovered the door shut. Joe pried the door open to find an empty shaft plunging into the depths below.

(To be continued)

Session 2

As the day wore on, the reluctant band struggled down the mountain. Muscles born and trained in the cramped confines of the vault struggle with the cold and exertion as the heroes made their way down the ancient track. As darkness crept over the land the group stopped for the night. The vault dwellers, unaccustomed to the natural world, struggled with how to prepare for the coming darkness. The scout, Daniel, stepped forward to offer his knowledge of rough living, gained by long study in the vault’s library.

With a little work, Daniel lit a fire, instructed the other on how to forage for food and fuel, and field dressed one of the rats they killed in the caves. Thus fed and warming up, the group bedded down for a cold, uncomfortable night. In the morning the prior day’s exertion, rough conditions and lingering hunger expressed itself in unexpected soreness. The thief, liar and scientist were all feeling the effects, while the fighter, scout and assassin’s training allowed them to bear up under the strain.

After eating a cold breakfast of roasted rat, the group set out. After several hours of travel the group discovered a deep pit covered in vines. The scientist, Nickola volunteered to be lowered into the shaft. With his PIPBoy 2000 screen tuned to full intensity and his trusty laser pistol in hand, Nick descended into the darkness. As he progressed, he discovered the walls were of worked stone with the rusted over remnants of hatches and illegible signage.

As he neared the bottom, the sound of the echoes took on an unfamiliar quality. Nick began by firing a shot with his pistol into the darkness below. A sizzling ricochet later taught him not to do that again. Unable to determine what he was hearing, Nick reached his arm down to get his light source closer to the bottom. Other than upending himself, he accomplished little other than discovering a refractive and reflective quality to the surface. Frustrated in his exploration, Nick signaled his party to pull him back up. Thus restored to daylight, Nick rejoined his party and they continued their trek.

As the group stopped for the night, they paused to consider their projected destination and their stock of supplies. They decided to spend the next day foraging in the local wilds. Using the best of the groups skills, they managed to find not only two full days of sustenance for everyone, but Nick stumbled across the ancients remains of a camp. Using his pistol as a flare gun, he was joined by the liar, Charles. Aided by Chuck, Nick searched the camp, discovering a well preserved helmet and a number of miscellaneous parts. Finding nothing else of value, the two returned to their camp.

After another uneventful night the group set off once more. Throughout the day the terrain became increasingly dry and forbidding. Slightly after midday the group spotted something jutting out of the landscape in the distance. Upon closer inspection the something proved to be the corpse of a human man, impaled on a ten (10) foot spike. Disturbed the group continued their journey.

After stopping for the night, the group again decided that they need to spend the next day foraging for food. After another uncomfortable night the group set out to find food in the harsh terrain. Whilst searching for food, Nick discovered a sperm whale and broken flower pot in the middle of the desert. Once again, Nick used his laser pistol to summon his party. The group took all the meat they could carry and left the highly improbable site to return to their camp to preserve the food for transport.

After another rough night the party set off again. After a couple of hours of travel the group was ambushed by a pair of 2 foot long scorpions, which they quickly dispatched…

(To Be Continued)

Session 1

A group of 20 year old friends born and raised in Vault 13. (150 pt characters)

Joe Lewis: Fighter (Generalist)
Daniel Boone: Scout (Sniper/Outdoorsman)
Nicola Tesla: Scientist (Doctor/Gizmo)
Elizabeth Parker: Thief (B&E guy)
Charles Ponzi: Face Man (Smooth talker/Gambler/Merchant)
Mochizuki Chiyome: Ninja (Stealth/Melee)

All of the characters were born approximately 20 years ago in Vault 13. The great war rent the earth 85 years ago but the vault designed to keep 1000 people healthy for 100 years is going strong. No one has left the vault since that faithful day in October 2077. Now December 5, 2162, life goes on apace.

Our story opens in the cafeteria on the 2nd level of vault 13. A group of friends quietly celebrating one of their owns 20th birthday. Officer Morgan of vault security approaches the group and says “The overseer would like to see all of you in command and control".

The group responds with trepidation as they have never been sent to see the Overseer and it cannot end well. They question Officer Morgan, but the Vault Security Chief only knows he was sent to fetch the group. Without much more hassle the party follows the Officer into the depths of the Vault.

When they arrive the Overseer addresses the group:

The group responds by asking if they can take the defective water chip for comparison and the Overseer agrees that is a good idea. Officer Morgan leads the party to the Quartermaster for the obligatory equipping scene. Once they strap on their gear, Charles convinces the Security Chief that the group needs his pistol and extra ammunition to survive. Given Charles’ amazingly persuasive personality, Officer Morgan relents and surrenders his weapon. (Daniel takes possession of the spare pistol).

The group continues by obtaining a doctor’s bag and mechanic’s tool kit from the Quartermaster. Once they feel there is nothing left worth taking from the vault, the Security chief gives them the door code and opens the vault door. Amid flashing lights and wailing siren, the party passes into the cold dark depths of …outside.

Every member turns up the brightness of their PIPBoy display to maximum brightness and they creep into the darkness. The first thing they encounter, right outside the door in front of the door console is what seems to be what is left of a human skeleton, clothes and flesh long torn away with only gnawed bones, a knife, and three pistol magazines remaining. The party secured the items and continued into the darkness.

Not three steps into the caves the party was attacked by rats the size of small dogs. Blasting into the darkness, the party fought off the viscous rodents including one the size of a large german shepherd. As the party progressed thru the caves they repulsed two more similar attacks, with only Charles taking a wound.

As they rounded the last corner, they were greeted by a bright light of unusual quality, natural sunlight. They crept to the exit of the caves, passing a skeleton of a strange two headed goat or sheep. Tasting fresh, cold air for the first time in their lives, Nicola dressed Charles’ wound as the rest of the party took in the majestic view from near the summit of Mt. Whitney.

The session closed as the party prepared for the long descent to the world below. Onward to Vault 15!


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